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Rabu, Januari 25, 2023

Best ways to fix slow Wi-Fi connection


Wi-Fi is suddenly slow?

  1. Restart your router

Turn off and turn back on your router & BTU. This is to refresh the equipment’s memory and renew service connection.

  1. Check other devices
    using Wi-Fi
  • Check other devices connected to the network
  • Reduce heavy activities like video streaming or large file downloading because they may affect your internet speed
  • Stop all internet activities in order to get accurate speed test results

  1. Your device and router’s

The further away your device to the router, the weaker your WiFi signal will be. Hence, the slow internet speed.

For wider WiFi coverage, please use WiFi with 2.4Ghz signal.

For heavy internet usage e.g streaming, video conferencing, please use WiFi with 5Ghz signal. You may need to sit closer to the router to get good connection.

If you need to improve the WiFi coverage, we recommend you to use WiFi mesh equipment.

  1. Change your Wi-Fi channel

When steps 1-3 do not show any improvement, there is a chance your WiFi signal may be interrupted by neighbouring WiFi using the same channel as you. Hence, causing poor connection.

This is imminent if you are living in high density residential area e.g an apartment.

You can check this by installing any Wifi analysing application on your smartphone device. If your current WiFi channel is crowded with other neighbouring WiFi, it is recommended that you switch to other less crowded channels.

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