BSN GIRO-i Premium Current Account


BSN GIRO-i Premium Current Account 

  • No minimum balance to be maintained in the account (Zero balance)

  • Convenient ATM and CDM services throughout Malaysia

  • Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT) services via BSN ATM

  • Deposits, withdrawals or fund transfers can be managed at any BSN Counter or BSN ATM as well as other banks' ATMs with MEPS

  • Convenient SMS Banking

  • No introducer is needed when open-up the account

  • BSN GIRO transactions can be made at any BSN Branch or BSN Branch, BSN ATM and Internet Banking

  • Bill Payment services via BSN ATM and Standing Instruction

  • DuitNow

  • Shopping convenience in over 29 million merchants worldwide



  • Malaysian citizens & Permanent Residents only.
  • Aged 18 and above.
  • Personal and Joint Account are allowed.

  • Individual and Joint Account      Min Initial Saving AmountRM500    Min Saving Amount in AccountRM0.00
  • Visit Bank Simpanan Nasional branch to apply

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